Urban Algorithm with Wayne Gillman

Urban Algorithm

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Saturday 1:30 pm 2:30 pm
It’s truly a pleasure to be part of the new Our World Media Network. I’ve spent close to 50 years in the media business as a Broadcast journalist, Talk Show Host and News writer. I’ve been semi-retired in the last ten years to pursue other interests. But my passion for news has always been there. And the last four years under the Republican Administration of former President Donald Trump has aroused a need for me to add my voice to the chorus of new and seasoned journalists who are defending a platform to maintain an American Democracy. An Algorithm, in a traditional sense is a set of Mathematical rules and principles aimed at solving a problem. Metaphorically speaking ….. ! hope  “The Urban Algorithm” serves as a forum to discuss Politics, Culture and the Arts to provide a positive format to live by. I’m excited for this opportunity representing the first time in years

Urban Algorithm with Wayne Gillman crew

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