Mell from Queens Sports Talk

Jermell Griffin


  This is where you get your latest professional, college, national, local highlights, sports updates and live interviews. Professional and up and coming athletes will have a segment, where we highlight their careers. We are bringing sound sports knowledge to the table. We welcome people to call in, as well as video chat, to professionally debate any and all sports topics. This is a no narrative sports show! So you gotta come with your stats and facts! What sets us apart? We have an ear to the community. We share sports programs that are for athletes looking to get into all various kinds of sports. We allow coaches and former players to share knowledge,that can help up and coming athletes. What’s also great? We share information to resource programs like ministries, non profit organizations, etc… that serve the community with food, clothing, reading materials, etc… We truly care about the people. Thanks for being a part of what we do. You know our model. “Tap in or Miss out”
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